~rsvp Call Concierge for Weddings~

Wedding Song Dedicated to My Newly Engaged Couples!

~Call Concierge for Weddings~

Reminder Call Concierge Service


He Proposed and SHE SAID YES!

We help take the stress away from Couples by corresponding with their Wedding Guests or Guest Attendees by providing Courtesy Reminder Calls.  We add a personalize touch to each of your Wedding Guests or Guest Attendees by reminding them  with details of the event with a Phone Call.  This gesture is very personable and make each  guest feel inclusive.   


What Is The Call Concierge?

*Guest Can Call-In to RSVP*

*Guest Courtesy Reminder Call*

*Provide Details to Your Wedding Guest*

*Collaborate with Your Event Planner or Host*

*Collaborate with Your Event Invitation Planner*


 Platinum Wedding Package (5 Services)


Starting at $3,900


Ala Carte For (1) Service

Starting at $1,000


Reserve Your Video Consultation Today!

Step 1: Pay Retainer Fee of $99 (one-time only)

Step 2: Setup (1-hour) Video Consultation Time/Date

~platinum wedding package~

Call Concierge for Weddings


The Platinum Package Includes (5) Services:

1. Wedding

2. Bridal Shower

3. Rehearsal Dinner

4. Wake-Up Call

5. Post-Wedding Brunch


Call Concierge for Weddings can replace or enhance Custom Invitations with a more personable gesture of having a Call Concierge Specialist apart of your Wedding Planning Team to personally correspond with your family and friends. 




"It's Time To Get the Guest List Started"

Each Guest Will Receive:

*Wedding Details

*Courtesy Reminder Calls

*Call-In  to RSVP

*Courtesy Thank You Calls

The Bride have so much to do.   Let us provide courtesy reminder calls and correspond with Guests.  We will  make  sure they have directions,  your bridal registry and website information.  

"Taking the Worries Away from the Bride"

Bridal Shower



"It's Time for Pretty Lace and Things"

Each Guest Will Receive:

*Bridal Shower Details

*Courtesy Reminder Call

*Call-In RSVP Access 

*Courtesy Thank You Call

It's time to receive all your warm wishes, marital advice, and lacy things for your wedding night and beyond.

"Taking the Worries Away from the Bride" 

Rehearsal Dinner



"It's Time for Wedding Rehearsal and to Thank Everyone"


Each Guest Will Receive:

*Rehearsal Dinner Details

*Courtesy Reminder Call

*Call-In RSVP Access 

*Courtesy Thank You Call

The Wedding Day is almost here and your family and friends have been very supportive.  Now you want to thank them with a group dinner.  We will give a courtesy call to  Your Guests with details on location, parking, and menu.

"Taking the Worries Away from the Bride" 

Wake-Up Call for the Wedding Party



"Taking the Worries Away from the Bride"

"It is Wedding Day!"  "Wake Up!"


Each Guest Will Receive:

*Courtesy Wake-Up Call

Allow us to call You and Your Entire Wedding Party  for a Wake-Up Call.  We will call until each person is fully awake!  I know everybody stayed up late, well it's Wedding Time!


Post Wedding Brunch



"Congratulations to The Bride & Groom"


Each Guest Will Receive:

*Post Wedding Brunch Details

*Courtesy Reminder Call

*Call-In RSVP Access 

*Courtesy Thank You Call

Before you depart for your honeymoon, say goodbye and thank everyone for attending this special moment.  We will call   your family of friends to meet at your preferred destination for a "Post Wedding Brunch." 

The Wedding Song of 2019