Tonya Cummings

Tonya Cummings MBA,CXM - The Customer Experience Expert


My Goal: "Bring the Human Voice and Interaction Into Today's World of Technology" 

I love talking to Customers!  I really to get to know them and find out truly what they want.  This information is very valuable for my Clients.  My goal is to bring "good ole fashion customer service" back to Online businesses.  It is sorely missing and much needed since E-Commerce have exploded, the customer service have diminished.    

Tonya Cummings -The HomeSchool Mom


Taking the Leap to HomeSchool my Child was the best decision I've ever made!

I love connecting with other HomeSchool Moms finding out what they are doing and integrating that into my curriculum.  Also, sharing the ups and downs of homeschooling our babies.  Lastly, explore travel opportunities outside of the classroom is very necessary.

Tonya Cummings MBA,CXM - The Serial Entrepreneur


I'm constantly brainstorming and thinking of innovative ways to expand in my own business and ways to collaborate with other free thinking entrepreneurs. I wonder what's next!